God is Willing to Fight Your Battles

Fighting life’s battles is exhausting.

It is important to remember that God is willing to step in and wage war on our behalf if we seek him and follow his commandments.

He is the most critical weapon in our arsenal.

I always seem to forget this as I forge ahead, inadequately prepared, relying on myself, only to end up defeated and exhausted.

Limping towards the next battle with the weight of my disastrous and unsatisfactory results.

As I was reading scripture today I was reminded that God is not only able, but willing to fight our battles if we seek him and strive to be righteous.

11  And Asa cried unto the Lord his God, and said, Lord, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: help us, O Lord our God; for we rest on thee , and in thy name we go against this multitude, O Lord, thou art our God; let not man prevail against thee.
12  So the Lord smote the Ethiopians before Asa, and before Judah; and the Ethiopians fled.
(2 Chronicles 14:11-12 KJV)

Asa, who was king of Judah at the time, asked the Lord for help and the Lord defeated the enemy on his behalf.  Asa was victorious.

It is important to note what Asa did BEFORE going to God for help:

2  And Asa did that which was good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God:
3  For he took away the altars of the strange gods, and the high places, and brake down the images, and cut down the groves:
And commanded Judah to seek the Lord God of their fathers, and to do the law and the commandment.
5  Also he took away out of all the cities of Judah the high places and the images; and the kingdom was quiet before him.
(2 Chronicles 14: 2-5 KJV)

Asa laid the proper foundation before going to the Lord.  Do what is right in the sight of the Lord and he will not only fight your battles – he will usher in a time of rest and prosperity once the battle is over.

Until it is time to fight again.